As of the fall of 2021, the installation has been moved to a safe location generously donated by Banneker Supply Chain Solutions. Here it is undergoing painstakingly thorough cleaning, repair, rebuilding, and restoration under the guidance of Barbara Thornton, of Brewster Thornton Group Architects, LLP, and Alex Mendoza of Gilbane Building Company.

The 9-11 Wall of Hope Monument will be installed at its new home in downtown Providence, R.I. and unveiled to the public on 9-11-2022.


WoH Restoration Photo.png

Alex Mendoza of Gilbane Building Company inspects Wall of Hope tiles in preparation for extraction

August '21: Designs for the new site, drafted by Brewster Thornton Group Architects, LLP

January '22: Chariho students weld new steel frames for the Wall of Hope

Steel Frames in Transport_edited.png

February '22: Mid City Steel loads up 90 newly-welded and galvanized frames for transport to the Banneker warehouse

March/April '22: Volunteer carpenters carefully remove tiles from old frames